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Equality Statement

Equality and Diversity Scheme


Extol  Trust seeks to be an equal opportunities employer and promote an environment that is free from discrimination. We aim to:

  • treat those working and governing in our school community fairly without discrimination,
  • adhere to current equalities legislation,
  • provide a working environment free from discrimination, harassment and any form of bullying and victimisation.


Extol Trust is committed to building a diverse workforce and values staff contributions. We welcome our general duty under the Equality Act 2010 to have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination; to advance equality of opportunity; and to foster good relations. The Evolve Trust promotes equality in respect of:



Pregnancy and maternity;

Sexual orientation;

Race (including nationality; ethnic or national origin);

Gender (including gender reassignment);

Marital Status including civil partnership;

Domestic circumstances;

Carer responsibilities;

Religion or belief;

Trade union membership.


We also welcome our specific duties to publish information about our school population; to explain how we have due regard for equality; and to publish equality objectives which show how we plan to tackle particular inequalities or disadvantages.


Meeting our duties to promote community cohesion, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, also supports how we meet the needs of different groups of pupils and how we foster good relations.


Any breaches of this commitment should be reported to the Headteacher at a school  level and CEO at Trust level who will undertake a full investigation or delegate this to another designated member of staff.