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Our Schools

Eldon Grove Academy

Eldon Grove converted to Academy status on 1st July 2013.  Eldon Grove Academy is a large urban primary school catering for 3 to 11 year olds situated in the centre of Hartlepool. The school serves the surrounding community of Eldon Grove and the Burn  Valley Area. The School has a standard admission number of 75 per year.   The school is organised into three main phases; Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 


Eldon Grove Academy recognises and develops the potential of each and every person, empowering them and giving them the confidence to play a positive role in society as responsible citizens. The school works as a team in a supportive community, where everyone is valued equally within a safe and engaging environment. The school motto is ‘Potential is our Passion’; unlocking childrens' abilty to aspirebelieve and achieve.


Eldon Grove are proud to be an inclusive school, with pupil and staff wellbeing at the centre of everything they do.  The school firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school; regarding parents and carers as an active partner in a child's education. They value parents and carers interest and support.


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New Silksworth Infant and New Silksworth Junior Academies

New Silksworth Infant and Junior academies were formed in September 2016 when they joined Extol Trust. The two schools have a shared strategic vision and as such share a number of key personnel and Local Governing Board.  

Situated in Sunderland, New Silksworth Academy caters for over 400 2 to 11 years old, and has a standard admission number of 70 per year for both Infant and Junior Academies.


The staff and governors are dedicated to providing a caring, stimulating and exciting environment where all children are encouraged throughout their time at the schools to aim high, fulfil their potential and engage with all the opportunities the joint academy has to offer.


The schools want their children to be happy, to feel secure and valued, and to be proud of belonging to New Silksworth.  A  huge #WeAre celebration is evident throughout the school and its community, celebrating their learning behaviours and values of alliance, ambition and achievement. The schools have high expectations and standards and a keen sense of being part of a happy, successful school., immersed in a school community where everyone works together to offer the very best for all of the children who attend.


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Thorntree Academy

Thorntree Academy's  inclusive ethos centres around the  core values of  ‘learn, thrive, celebrate’ with thrive being at the heart of what they do.  No matter their starting point or background, the school ensures all children  thrive, this is particularly pertinent given the school’s demographic, with around 73% of pupils receiving free school meals. 


A strength of the school is the support offered to the community they serve.  From the extensive support of the pastoral care team, to the opportunities children have to participate in wider curricular activities.  The school's weekly eco-shop and uniform swap offer a further level of support for their families. 


Thorntree Academy’s Leaders demonstrate conviction in what they do, with the children firmly at centre of all decisions. The curriculum at Thorntree Academy is unique, tailored to the needs and interests of the children and designed with the locality the school serves in mind. Teachers at Thorntree feel empowered and morale is high; they have been upskilled and coached to become reflective practitioners with staff professional development fully aligned to the school’s inclusive ethos and priority areas.


The positive changes made across all areas of school improvement are sustainable and have become habitual.

Thorntree Academy joined Extol Trust in March 2020, a decision made due to their aligned, inclusive morals.


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Rossmere Academy


Rossmere Academy is a school that is proud of it’s pupils, proud of the community of Hartlepool it serves, and children are proud to belong. We strive to make every lesson and every day count, with high expectations of all children and staff and opportunities for lots of laughter and fun along the way. Enriching the education of all our children is a priority – whether they are taking risks in our Forest School, playing outside on snowy days, going on exciting residential and day visits, meeting visitors in school, celebrating national and world events, fundraising and caring for others or just learning in high quality lessons. 

As a truly inclusive school, children with additional needs are welcomed and supported in our mainstream classes by skilled staff. We also push children to be the very best that they can be academically through planned interventions, weekly tuition and a rich diet of online and practical resources to support their learning. Rossmere Academy offers something amazing to every child.

In May 2022 we joined Extol Trust so that our children and staff could benefit from the partnership working that being in a high performing Trust can offer. 


Rossmere’s mission statement is Enriching Education – we aim to enrich the education of every child through:

  • memorable experiences
  • learning through play
  • an exciting curriculum
  • opportunities to develop skills and talents.



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Springwell School 


We joined Extol in September 2022 so that our children and staff could contribute and benefit from a collaboratively thinking Trust.


Our philosophy at Springwell is simple – it is to provide our children with the best. The best being the richest and most rewarding educational experience possible. 


We all work towards providing our children with the greatest opportunity to grow intellectually, morally and socially. The environment is safe, nurturing and stimulating, so that every child reaches their full potential. Each child is valued greatly as an individual and his or her achievements are given the merits they richly deserve.



Our vision

  • To provide an exceptional education for pupils with a wide range of special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) from Hartlepool and beyond.
  • To be a Centre of Excellence for primary SEND in Hartlepool by offering support and guidance to schools, families and the wider community.

Our aims

  • To create an environment, enriched through the use of the local community, which encourages personal growth and celebrates the achievements of all.
  • To develop a creative, skill-based curriculum that is fully differentiated and personalised to meet individual needs.
  • To ensure that each child enjoys and fully participates in the life of the school and makes a positive contribution to the community.
  • To ensure that as our children develop, they will become more confident and independent in their learning.
  • To work with parents and other agencies in a real partnership which facilitates the educational and social development of the children and provides a support network amongst parents.


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