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  • Beyond Inspiration
  • Beyond Excellence
  • Beyond Partnership
  • Beyond Education

Why Extol SCITT?

Our ethos is characterised by a culture of inclusion, positive attitude, high expectation and aspiration. These are related to the whole learning community, pupils and staff.

  • Strong, ethical leadership, who act with integrity
  • As a collective we can achieve much more
  • Excellence underpins all that we do
  • Everyone has a voice and is listened to
  • Everyone deserves the widest opportunities to achieve success
  • Everyone will succeed, external factors are not a barrier to learning or success
  • We invest in people, our school communities and the communities we serve


Extol SCITT is committed to raising the achievement of young people in the North East and beyond by producing great teachers.


Therefore, we select and develop trainees who show great potential and are as invested in the life chances of young people as we are. This means that you will be learning alongside trainees who have the same drive and ethos as you. It is important to us that our trainees have access to appropriate support, therefore, we strive to employ mentors and trainers with exceptional expertise and experience. Our mentors will invest in you to ensure you fulfil your potential.


At Extol SCITT we know about, care about, and value every single trainee. We are small enough to tailor your training programme to make sure it supports and develops you as an individual, so you can realise your potential and become a great teacher.


All of our schools have a long history of working with Teach First, which means that you would be working with experienced mentors who have experience of developing trainee teachers. You would be placed in a school of your choice, with a ‘broader school experience’ in one other school within our Trust. This means you will be very well prepared to thrive as a Teacher when you finish your training with Extol SCITT.


Our training fosters resilience with a balanced approach that recognises the importance of personal wellbeing amid the demands of this great profession.